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Building Healthy and Responsible Young Adults...
Does Your Teenager or Child:
:>Engage in power struggles?
> Refuse to take responsibility for their behaviors?
> Dealing with the aftermath of divorce or loss of a family member?
> Have problems relating to adults or other kids?
> Worry excessively?
> Seem sad or depressed?
> Been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or Asperger's Syndrome?
Rather than telling you what's on their minds, kids do things that indicate that they are having difficulties. Kids and, often, teens are simply not always able to put into words what is bothering them. As a parent you may see disobedience, poor judgment, anger, extreme shyness or withdrawal, frequent stomach aches or head aches, missing school, or drop in school performance.
 We Can Help.
You can reverse these problems.   At  Plano Counseling Center,  we can help your child or teenager build stronger relationships with friends, to become more confident and improve their work in school,  become less anxious and to become happier with their lives. We do this through Child Counseling, Teen Counseling, the Success for Life Training , and Parent Coaching and Counseling.
In Child Counseling and Teen Counseling, we take the time to build trust. With Children, we use conversation and play to build trust, identify issues and help the child solve the problem, in as few sessions as possible.  
The same is true for teens. Building trust  is very important.  Sometimes teens don't feel comfortable talking to their parents  because they don't want to worry or upset them.  Therefore they  feel safer talking to someone  outside the family where they feel safe and can begin to open up and share their true concerns.
Adolescent usually have a lot of opinions about the world and only a few people who are willing to listen. Since teens and children don't share much with their parents,  parents are only given periodic updates and then having to guess what is really wrong with the child.   As a parent, we encourage you to attend family sessions, as well. We have found that parental involvement in the treatment often guarantees better success.
Success for Life is designed to help children and teens develop the skills to succeed in life. Studies clearly show that the absence of these skills can lead to failed relationships, the inability to keep a job, rejection, and depression. Yet these skills can be successfully taught to your child, in our Success for Life program.
Groups of no more than 10 participants of similar age meet for 80 minutes a week for about six weeks. Each group is taught by either one of our licensed therapist or an educator.
These groups are particularly helpful for children or teens diagnosed with ADD/ADHD,  Asperger's syndrome and some kinds of Autism. These children often do not recognize social cues nor the affect they have on other kids. But these skills can be learned.

The program has a number of modules designed to help small groups of children learn and practice these skills. The modules include:
> Fostering Friendships
> Increasing Self-Confidence
> Anger Management and Conflict Resolution
> Bullying Issues
> Communication Skills
>And much more.
We also offer Parent Counseling and Coaching.
Parenting is tough and sometimes stressful. We can help your child by helping you.  We can focus on a  personal  goals, depending on your needs. If you and your mate are not in agreement about how to raise your children, discipline becomes much more difficult to achieve. We can help you create that agreement.
 We help you become a better and more confident parent.
If you are a teen, you might ask: How can a therapist help me?
We can:
> Help you understand your problems  help you re-direct your actions for better results.
> Help you with personal goals, challenges, future planning and life skills.  
> Communicate more effectively in all relationships.  Increasing your opportunities for greater success.
> Provide to you healthy feedback  that will  help you achieve your personal goals.

What is important to keep in mind about therapy?
> Everyone needs a safe and comfortable place to share feelings.
>Having someone outside the immediate family structure provides a greater opportunity to open up.
> Our therapist provide the highest degree of professionalism,  full understanding, respect and with a genuine caring heart.
> Counseling is like having your own professional Life Skills Coach helping you to become the best you can be.   
Our staff is highly experienced and trained  in the State of  Texas holding Professionalism and  true commitment of  service for teens and children. 
 We are dedicated to help you through any challenge that you are facing and guide you to live the life you truly desire.

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